Classroom Management Wiki

What we're trying to do:

  1. Create a Classroom Management Wiki
    1. Evaluate ideas, materials, and strategies that assist in establishing learning environments.
    2. Identify cooperative and problem-solving strategies.
    3. Explain the importance of an orderly and safe physical environment to enhance student learning.
    4. Apply effective time management skills for lesson preparations, personal devotions and prayer, exercise, recreation, and parish/community involvement.
  2. Include the following Sections with corresponding items in your wiki/blog.
    1. Organizing Classroom and Supplies
    2. Establishing Classroom Rules and Procedures
    3. Managing Student Work
    4. Getting Off to a Good Start
    5. Planning and Conducting Instruction
    6. Managing Cooperative Learning Groups
    7. Student Behavior
    8. Resources
Gather notes, technology resources, and other resources that are applicable to each heading.